Knowledge & learning.

Acquiring knowledge about yourself ad learning about yourself are two different things. When you gather knowledge, you accumulate about the past and the past is burdened with sorrowful mind.
Learning is not learning a language or technology or science. There you will remember and accumulate certain theories etc. That is not learning. You can really learn only in present. Any connection with the past will vitiate your learning. Every moment watching and learning by seeing and doing on an ongoing basis is learning. It needs a great sensitivity. You will by self observation notice that even physically also we are not sensitive. Sometimes over eating, drinking etc. which results in body becoming insensitive. To understand anything you must live with it. Observe, study each moment in totality. To enjoy the real life bliss on has to ensure that not caught in opinions, judgements & values. Your projections for self and other things must be live and fresh from moment to moment so that non of the psychological interfere is there. In fact we have lost quality of sensitivity that can lead directly at things without fear. In other words our responses to every problem should not be with conditioned mind.


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