Das krishna’s vision

Knowledge is not a need but a compulsion. It is like holding a torch when entering a dark ally. It is a weapon of defense  in struggle of the world. Only purpose of knowledge is to stay comfortable midst chaos and uncertainties of the world.

Knowledge is immediately removed once there is no compulsion. Soap is best illustrative of knowledge. It removes dirt upon body when taking a bath but at the end, soap which removes the dirt is cleaned up too.

Money is also an example of knowledge. People study and earn a livelihood and use money for many things that they cannot do themselves but buy from another.  This is a compulsion to have money necessary for such an arrangement. Similarly, our defense is a compulsion too. This defense is called ahankar. Knowledge gives us an ego or separation or distinction.

Truth and knowledge have just this difference. Truth is defenseless but knowledge is an act of defense.  Knowledge is road to the truth like road to a destination. Upon reaching that destination, road ends. Truth is that final destination where all  different knowledges terminate.

Good day. Pranam to the Guru
This day is called Guru purnima.


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