Is it possible?

Is it possible to do action which does not produce

reaction? Secondly is it possible to have action

which has no cause? I would welcome views/comments on

these questions.


2 responses to this post.

  1. It is possible to choose our reactions to the action…..Being reactive…or being able to choose our reaction to the action is possible . But we cannot control other individual’s reaction to our action …that is the individuals choice.
    “ Karmanye wa dhikarste ma faleshu kadachan .
    Ma karma fal heturbhu ma te sangostwkarmani .”
    Meaning : Your freedom is only in the field of action, and not in the field of bringing about the fruits of action. Never take yourself as the cause of bringing about a karma-fala (situation), and never resort to a life of inaction.

    Having an action without a cause…. instead of that let me tell we can be dedicated enough to do our Duty.. “Karma” without expecting any reward… All this is not so easy… one needs to practice it and have immense self control on his mind and attitude.

    Paru Krishnakant “Piyuni”


    • પારૂબેન , હું ધન્ય થઇ ગયો અને તમારી ઊંડાણપૂર્વકની સમજણ અને આટલો સુંદર રીતે છ્નાવત્પુર્વક નો પ્રત્યુતર પાઠવવા બદલ ખુબ ખુબ આભાર. પ્રત્યુતર હું મારી રીતે જાણતો હતો પરંતુ તમે તે જુદાજ સંદર્ભથી બહુજ સુંદર રીતે
      સમજાવી દીધું .


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