Road map to bliss & Anand

First Step :- Departure from knowledge, information & so called gyan.Any outside help will not be beneficial unless it has been flourish from one’s ownself or you may call it “swayamsfurna”.
2nd Step :-
Keep yourself away from the illusion that you are the “karta “. Any act which has not been done with full awareness creates illusion that you are doing.
3rd Step:-
Forget it that you are doing the things. Keep away from your identity name,cast,creed,religions,status etc. Ego which is mere illusion is not you.

Now, we shall examine three easy steps to awakene ourselves and to touch–experience the ultimate reality.
First is awareness of your surroundings.Never attempt to judge the things from your so called beliefs,information,past experiences etc.
Secondly you have to be totally aware of your thinking, desires,memories,emotions etc This is called inner journey for awakening.
Lastly awakening of self-Atma. It will happen spontsneously if you have properly achieved earlier mentioned two steps.To depart from all these words, principles and thoughts shall generate within you a unique sense of being Oneself.Ultimately you will experience that bliss and Anand that shall naturally flourish from you.

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